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5, Avenue de Veszprém
1340 Ottignies
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Monday 08h30 à 12h30
Tuesday 08h30 à 12h30
Wednesday 08h30 à 12h30
Thursday 08h30 à 12h30
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  • Maintenance of roads, pavements and outbuildings.  
  • Maintenance of sewers. 
  • Maintenance of green spaces and cemeteries.   
  • Floral decorations for flowerbeds, flower boxes and suspended baskets   
  • Snow clearance and tackling black ice.   
  • Faulty street lighting and boosting street lighting.   
  • Illuminations for end-of-year festivities   
  • Opening trenches (authorisation and site inventory).   
  • List of underground service networks and municipal sewers location map.   
  • Study of projects for roads, sewers, transforming and improving municipal buildings, cemeteries and green spaces.   
  • Monitoring construction sites during the implementation of the aforementioned projects.   
  • Maintenance of municipal buildings, recreation grounds and sports fields.   
  • Renting and lending material for festivities and events.   
  • Weekly collection of household waste and annual schedule.   
  • Collection of bulk refuse (attic cleanout).   
  • Collection of recyclable waste: bottle banks and door-to-door collection and special collections.   
  • River contract - Municipal Nature Development Plan. 
  • Various notices about establishments classed as suitable/unsuitable and about impact    assessments.   
  • Individual draining and purifying of waste water.   
  • Awareness-raising and information campaigns for the general public and schools.   
  • Apple festival.   
  • Street nameplates(installation)   
  • Pest control.   
  • Hedge pruning waste (collection or grinding with onsite recovery of the ground material).   
  • Maintenance and repair of hydrants.   
  • Maintenance of monuments and public fountains   
  • Maintenance of 3rd category waterways and annual inspection of waterways    
  • Signs (installation)   
  • Road markings.   
  • Processing third-party liability accident cases.   
  • Processing accident cases involving Works department vehicles.   
  • Establishing bus shelters and planimeters.   
  • Delivering bags with City coat of arms to retailers.   
  • Drawing up expense claims subsequent to the deterioration of municipally property and fly tipping.   
  • Raising awareness about waste management.   
  • Agricultural census.   
  • Remarkable trees.   
  • Energy – financial grants for installing solar panels.   
  • Subsidies for composting, flushing systems.   
  • Mobility within the City's territory   
  • Access for people with reduced mobility    
  • Bicycle paths (new constructions, improvements, signs and signposts...)   
  • Safety and hygiene   
  • Freephone
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