Aliens department
Affichage pour les mal voyants

Aliens department
32, Grand Place
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
Responsable Dominique GUSTIN (Chief demographic)
Responsable Renaud ROMAIN (Cell responsible foreign)
Téléphone +32 (0) 10 47 54 00
Fax +32 (0) 10 47 54 04
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Monday 12h30 - 19h00
Tuesday 08h30 - 12h30
Wednesday 08h30 - 12h30
Thursday 08h30 - 12h30
Friday 08h30 - 12h30

Administrative services for people living on the university campus :

Belgian nationals :

  • Administrative information: relevant services + telephone and address of other organisations.
  • Resident certificate.
  • Household composition.
  • Extracts from the population register.
  • Life certificate.
  • Certificate of nationality.
  • Inheritance certificate.
  • Signature authentification.
  • Certified copy.
  • Work permit.
  • Change of profession.
  • Change of status
  • Residence in the City.
  • Relocation within the City.
  • Deregistration, moving abroad
Children (featured in the population register for non-Belgian nationals or the waiting register) :
  • Photo-less identity document: identity card for children under 12 (valid only in Belgium ).
  • Card with photo: children under 12 (mandatory for travelling abroad ).
Administration of non-Belgian nationals featured in the register for non-Belgian nationals (students ) or the waiting register (people applying for political refugee status ):
  • issuing and extending certificates of registration in the register for non-Belgian nationals, registration certificates, annexes 35, annexes 26a (solely for extension as these items are issued by the Aliens Office ), declarations of arrival, annexes 13 (order to leave the territory ), annexes 18 (right to return ), annexes 37 (withdrawal of rights ).
  • Work permit.
  • Visa extension application.
  • Change of status application.
  • Issuing an electronic identity card for Belgian nationals residing in Louvain-la-Neuve.
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