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Disc golf course

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A mixture of golf and frisbee, “Disc Golf” is a fun, open-air sport which encourages walking. The course was set up in the Bruyères neighbourhood in September 2011.

Like any game of golf, “Disc Golf” is played on a course with holes numbered from 9 to 18, which you must complete in a certain number of shots, like a “par”. However, the player doesn’t hit a ball but throws a frisbee into a metal basket representing the 'hole'.

The rules of the game are inspired by golf but also follow other rules to be respected during the game, like courtesy and good manners towards walkers, the general public, other players and the environment.

Renting equipment and information :
Inforville Tourist Information Office
Place de l'Université 1, Galerie des Halles
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
010/47 47 47

Information on Disc-Golf:

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