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A pedestrianised city

Pedestrians rule in Louvain-la-Neuve ! There are no cars in the city centre, nor in most of the streets in the different neighbourhoods, which gives a feeling of well-being and security. It’s an ideal city for walking with your children and letting them run around, or for strolling around with your head in the air.

The specific design of the student city follows the contours of the land and its differences in level: the city centre is completely pedestrianised and built on the edge of the valley, on a block of concrete 14.5 hectares wide and 39 cm deep, above two floors of car parks. The expression «going downtown» makes perfect sense here: as soon as you leave the town centre, you walk up through the different neighbourhoods following the slope of the valley. From the Market Square (la Grand-Place), it’s easy to get to the Hocaille neighbourhood on one side and the Bruyères neighbourhood on the other, located as they are on opposite sides of the lake. From the University Square (la Place de l'Université), you can get to the Biéreau and Lauzelle neighbourhoods in only 10 minutes !

The city has all the required facilities: a station, shops, administrations, cultural activities, mixed in with the university facilities and the apartments. It is full of quiet corners to discover, small, original shops and nice restaurants. Would you tell us your favourite places ?

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