Céroux Square

Pomme de reinette et pomme d'api (literally “Pippin apple and Lady apple”)[1]. When I think of the PLACE DE CEROUX, this nursery rhyme always pops into my head. I wouldn’t miss the autumn Apple Festival (la Fête de la Pomme) for anything. Although we should say apples really because there are so many delicious varieties. I like to stroll there in the spring to admire the carpet of daffodils and in June to breathe in the air thick with the perfume of the blossoming lime trees. I also love to walk through the nearby cemetery and never get tired of seeing Jacque Martin’s grave, the creator of Alix and Enak, the ancient comic-book heroes which I grew up reading. You see, there’s no dead season at the Place de Céroux.


[1] A traditional French nursery rhyme about apple picking.

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