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Stroll around the city !

There is nothing more pleasant than strolling around Louvain-La-Neuve and looking at some of the the wonderful trees, like the tulip tree, for example. One of my favourite walks is the “daydream of the solitary walker” « Rêverie du promeneur solitaire », which involves walking around the whole lake and observing the birds and the nature. And also discovering the allotments in the “Baraque” neighbourhood !

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63 years old


Lives in Mont-Saint-Guibert and does charity work in LLN


Retired teacher of Germanic languages


Likes gardening, nature, reading, cooking, theatre, cinema, exhibitions and music


She is a keen tourist and interested in all sorts of things (history, architecture, culture, culinary specialities, crafts, etc.)


I love my city because… I can get there easily and so I can participate in cultural events, do some shopping, or simply stroll around.