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10 tips for smart travel

1. Arriving by train

The Louvain-La-Neuve railway station is in the centre of the town. There are three connections every hour to the main national and international stations.

2. A Pedestrian town

Louvain-La-Neuve is a small dense town where the concept is based on pedestrians and soft transportation modes. You will discover the town on foot or two wheelers (bike, scooter without motor). Bicycle racks are available throughout the town.

3. Do not trust your navigation system

The vehicles arrive at level -2, as this is underground the structure of the slab (where the town sits), doesn’t allow your system to guide you correctly to the town.

4. An open air museum

Discover more than 120 works of art in all forms, sizes and colours spread around the town. During your visit don’t hesitate to wander towards the lake which offers some superb views to be photographed.

5. Free entry to museums one Sunday a month

Entrance to the museums is free the first Sunday of each month. They are however closed on Mondays (throughout Belgium).

6. Shopping at any time

The 350 stores, restaurants and cafés offer you quality shopping. Beware apart of the Shopping Mall which closes its doors at 20h00, other shops close between 18h00 and 18h30. All stores are closed on Sunday’s and Public holidays.

7. Avoid the busy lunchtime

During the academic year, in order to avoid the rush, it is preferable to buy your sandwich before 12h00 or after 13h30, or reserve a table in advance in a restaurant, to be certain you have a seat.

8. A calm summer

The summer months is the holiday season, the town is less busy, but not necessarily calmer. Our agenda of all events for adults and children is available.

9. Do not throw anything in the gutters and drains

 The town has a double drainage system. The drains collect rain water drains it and sends it directly to the lake. Any rubbish you throw in them will therefore turn up in the lake. Recycling public bins are available throughout the town.

10. Consume local and fair trade

Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve is a greenbelt area, and the residents of the town ardently defend short circuit and local produce. Stores and restaurants offer local produce for the pleasure of the pallet and takes care of your look. Local money called “Talent” was created by the residents to reinforce local trade.

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