Legal cohabitation (dissolution)
Affichage pour les mal voyants

Relevant department : Population

Description :

Legal cohabitation obviously ceases to exist when one of the parties gets married or dies. It may also end by mutual consent or as a result of one person's decision subject to a written declaration that the legal cohabitation has ceased to exist, provided to the Registrar of births, marriages and deaths for the municipality covering the common home (or one of the municipalities if the cohabitants are domiciled separately). Featuring the date it is made, the declaration has to feature the surnames, first names, places and dates of birth of the two parties, their residence, a reference to the willingness or otherwise of the party or parties to terminate the cohabitation and the signature of the party or parties.

An appointment should be made in advance with the department on Tel N°. 010/42.08.39 or 010/42.08.40

What do you have to take with you? : The declaration of legal cohabitation and identity cards

Issuance period : period for service or notification by the Registrar of births, marriages and deaths

Cost of the document : dissolution by mutual consent: €1.50 for the authentification of the signatures Unilateral dissolution +/- €125 for the bailiff's costs
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