Identity card for Belgian children aged under 12 for travelling abroad
Affichage pour les mal voyants

Relevant department : Population
Description :
What do you have to take with you? : a photo on a white background and the identity card of the responsible parent. The attendance of the parent having parental authority and the child is required. This parent has to have his/her identity card.
Issuance period : 3 weeks.
Cost of the document : €5

Presentation of the kids-ID

For children under 12 to be able to travel they must:

 * be accompanied by a parent / the parents (or have parental authorisation)

 * have a travel document suitable for the destination:

 - Passport

 - Identity certificate (KIDS-ID)

The electronic identity document for Belgian children aged under 12 (the kids-ID):

 * is used to prove the child's identity

 * is used as a valid travel document

 - is subject to the same conditions as the current paper certificate

 - in the same countries as the current paper certificate

 * is used to prove the child's identity

 * is not mandatory (issued on request by the municipalities)


The kids-ID document is also more reliable than a paper identity certificate

 * It is produced at central level (no risk of blank documents being stolen)

 * It is difficult to counterfeit (security components of the e-ID have been incorporated into the kids-ID)

 - the photo is scanned and forms part of the document

 - Relief type

 - Pseudo Micro-letttering

 - UV prints

The Kids-ID is also more than a travel document

 * It features an emergency N° (078/150 350) parents can add to a list of numbers to reach in the event of an emergency

 * the kids-ID's electronic chip means it will be used as a Social security card as well in the foreseeable future (1 card instead of 2)

 * the electronic chip and authentification process mean the ID can be used for an endless number of purposes. For example:

 - library membership card (ex: Bornem)

 - Scope for being used as a school access and attendance card, sports club membership card...

Le recto du document

Le verso du document

For all these reasons

·         As soon as a travel document is sought for a Belgian child aged under 12 years, the municipal administrations will provide a kids-ID (a passport is not required)

What the kids-ID contains: virtually the same as the eID (adult identity card)

 * The information featured on the eID is also featured on the kids-ID·          

·          EXCEPT: the owners of a kids-ID do not sign their card

·          * the information on the eID chip is also featured on the kids-ID·          

·          EXCEPT:·          

·          - No authentification certificate before 6 years of age

·          - Never any active signature certificate·          

·         What the kids-ID contains: a few additions on the visible part of the kids-ID·          

·          * Reference to the child's affiliation

·          * Emergency N° 078/150 350 and an informative text in the language of the card + English:·          

·          En cas d'urgence / In case of emergency (+32 (078 150 350)·          

·          *Contactez les parents de l'enfant ou une personne de confiance au numéro de téléphone ci-dessus, ou adressez-vous au bureau de police le plus proche (Tel. 112).·          

·          *Please contact the parents or a trusted representative at the above-mentioned number or contact the nearest police station (Tel. 112)·          

·          Should the electronic identity card be lost or stolen, you should:

·          * report this to the local police authority (010 / 42 08 60 ) OR

·          * Call DOC STOP on 00800 2123 2123* free of charge so the lost or stolen document can be blocked immediately, thus avoiding the financial repercussions of any fraudulent usage. For further details:·          

·          *If the 00800 2123 2123 cannot be reached, dial + 32 2 518 2123·          

 Your card and its certificates will be suspended for 7 days starting from the date of your declaration and they will be cancelled on the 8th day. Should you find your card before taking any steps to obtain a new one, the Population department can reactivate it via your Pin and Puk codes.

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