The Municipal Board of Mayor and Aldermen
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The Municipal Board of Mayor and Aldermen

The Board comprises the Mayor (Jean-Luc Roland, Ecolo) and six aldermen: : Cédric du Monceau (ICH), Jacques Benthuys (PS), Cécile Lecharlier (Ecolo), David da Câmara Gomes (Ecolo), Benoît Jacob (ICH), Annie Galban (PS). Jeanne-Marie Oleffe (ICH), Président Public social welfare centre

The Board meets every week - normally on Thursday afternoon - in the premises of the municipal administration.


The Board operates according to the principle of "collective" responsibility so that a measure originates not with a member but with the entire body. The role played by the Registrar of births, marriages and deaths is the exception to this rule.

The custom has developed over time of sharing the various portfolios among the different Board members but this is merely a working procedure and does not result in a specific responsibility being granted to each alderman.

Unlike the Municipal Council, the Board is granted only a limited number of responsibilities by the legislative authority.

General administration

The Board's general administration activities basically involve the enforcement of instruments issued by higher authorities (State, regions, communities, provinces), at least when these authorities specifically assign this task to the Board. The Board is also required to keep the civil status registers.

As the municipality's executive body, the Board is responsible for the publication and enforcement of Council decisions, while overseeing the municipality's day-to-day administration and representing it for legal matters.

It also carries out some inspection duties in the case of pawnbrokers and nuisance establishments, while undertaking tasks involving the policy for performances, urban planning and land-use planning. Lastly, it is in charge of "preventing and remedying any unfortunate events caused by freed insane people and lunatics"

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